The Top 20 Penny Auction Websites Online

Penny auction websites are quickly becoming all the rage with the online auction community. These websites work by users bidding on items a penny at a time. Different sites have different rules, so it is important to know how each one works.


QuiBids is a popular penny auction site with a variety of fun and useful features. Users of this site have access to auctions at a variety of price points, including one cent, two cents, five cents, ten cents and twenty cents. QuiBids also has a buy-it-now option. In addition, this site offers a Bid-O-Matic tool, which automatically bids for auctions within the last 15 seconds of the listing. You will also receive 25 bids for each person you refer to the site. Bids cost 60 cents and can be purchased in packs.


Beezid is an auction site that offers all new products with a starting bid of zero. Users can win up to ten auctions within a 28-day period unless otherwise listed on individual auctions. You can also login to their site via Facebook Connect, which is exclusive to Beezid. Auction types include normal and reveal. Reveal auctions start at a high price and move down by 20 cents each bid. Beezid also has a unique drag and drop feature that lets you place your auctions in the order that you like from most to least. Bids cost from 90 to 60 cents, depending on the bid pack you purchase.

Happy BidDay

Happy BidDay has been in business since 2010. It is a mid-sized penny auction site that offers different types of auctions for both new and established users. Happy Auctions and Starter Auctions are free to newcomers who are participating for the first time. For established users, there are more competitive auctions that are specifically for higher end products. Happy BidDay also gives 50 free bids upon signup. You have to purchase bid packs in quantities from 20 to 2,000. The bids in the 20 bid pack are 95 cents each, while the bigger packs are less.

Deal Dash

Deal Dash is one of the most established penny auction websites. This site offers a wide variety of products and seemingly has the largest volume of auctions of all the penny auction websites. Deal Dash also offers free shipping on all of their items. This site is very straightforward and does not have many gimmicks. The only special feature offered is No Jumper auctions. These prevent bidders from entering auctions after a certain point to spoil it for those who have been following it for a long period of time. Bids cost 60 cents each.


OrangeBidz is a smaller penny auction site that is seemingly less competitive. It is very basic with three main auction features. Beginner auctions are for those who have won three or less auctions. Bid Free auctions do not require you to use your bids. Special Events are auctions that can earn you extra perks and prizes. Bids start at 75 cents each.


MadBid is a UK based penny auction site that offers a variety of high quality products, including cars, electronics, and household items. The site has been active since 2008, which makes it one of the most established penny auction website on the internet. After you register for the site, you simply purchase credits in a package of your choosing. Credits need to be used up to 180 days after purchase. Credit packages start at 18 British pounds.

Penny Auctions Canada

Penny Auctions Canada is an auction website that specializes in everyday items such as jewelry, fashion, household goods, electronics, and gift cards. The site features regular penny auctions and Daily Deals auctions. Penny auctions are very straightforward; simply purchase bids at 75 cents each. Daily Deals are for special event auction items.


WellBid is a unique site in that it is international. Users can not only register in their native language, but can also bid in their native currency. Based in Cyprus, the site focuses on the different cultural and economic differences of its users. You will find health and beauty items, phones, household appliances, toys, and gift cards. You can choose a bid pack of 200 to 10,000 bids, starting at $6.50.

Bidson is a Dutch company the does business in Germany, Great Britain, Holland, and Sweden. Users can expect to see winners each day, the latest products, quick deliveries, and great customer service. You can bid on two types of auctions; the traditional penny auction and lowest bid auctions. There are thirty second bid times for each auction. If there are no bids after that time, the last bid wins. You can also use the autopilot feature to bid for you. Bids cost 50 cents each.


LazyBids is one of the best-known penny auction sites on the internet. It relies heavily on the traditional penny auction format, but also offers other bidding options. You can utilize timed reserve auctions, in which there are limits on the number of participants in a certain time range. There are also no reserve auctions, in which the system will lock out bids after a certain point so that no more bidders can participate. There is also a bid-back guarantee that saves you money if you don't win a product you are bidding on. Bids are 60 cents each.


AnniesBid is a newer penny auction site that not only lets users bid on great products, but also give a significant portion of money to charity. They also have a short closing time; many of them close after minutes while other sites tend to have auctions that go on for weeks. Bids are 50 cents each.


PennyGrab offers a free registration for users, but requires a $15 dollar bid pack purchase. The other difference in this site is the fact that the countdown timer is reset each time a bid is placed. You have the option of using the Buy Now button if you would rather not take a chance on bidding.


Puppids is another quality penny auction site with a variety of bidding options. Starting bids are 50 cents. In addition to the buy it now option, you can also choose rookie auctions if you have yet to win anything. Mystery price auctions do not state the minimum price so you can start with a low bid. You can also utilize reserve auctions, limited auctions, and x-price auctions. Bids packs are available from $50 dollars to $200 dollars each.


BidSerious sells bids for 60 cents each with the final price increased by a penny each bid. You will have a monthly limit as to how many auctions you can win. The site does its best to make sure no one is trying to circumvent the system in any way, and will quickly revoke privileges of anyone who attempts to do so. They also donate to charitable organizations. Bids are 60 cents each.


RisingPenny offers first time users ten free bids upon registration or 25 bids for referring new members. The site follows the traditional penny blog format, with making bids within a certain time frame. As each person bids, the auction time increases by a certain amount. It offers a buy it now option as well. Bids cost from 40 cents to one dollar each, depending on the bid pack you purchase.


NutBid provides auctions for US and Canadian users. This website refers to bids as "nuts" and many items will require more nuts than others per bid. This can be confusing, so you need to check your bid ahead of time. Higher ticket items will require more nuts than lower ticket items. You can also utilize an automatic bidder or buy-it-now options as well. Bids are ten cents each.


CoinSniper is a penny auction site that is dedicated to buying special or valuable coins. Users of the site must purchase bids, which are referred to as Coin Snipes, for 60 cents each. When you bid on a coin, the timer resets to ten seconds. That time allows others to outbid you. Bids only increase by a penny each, which can allow great deals on precious coins.


Swoggi is a well-known UK based penny auction site that follows the traditional penny auction format. Users must pay for credits, which equate to bids. There are many bidders on this site, so the competition is quite stiff. You can find products ranging from kitchen appliances to tablets to phones. You can purchase bids in packs of 50 to 500 at 50 British pounds each.

Outdoorsman Auctions

Outdoorsman Auctions is a niche penny auction website dedicated to those who enjoy sporting and outdoor activities. Bids cost 60 cents. You will need to enter a bidding range as well as the number of total bids you want to use for that auction. You can also purchase items outright.

Police Auctions

Police Auctions is a unique penny auction site that offers a variety of auction types, from government auctions to foreclosure listings. Bidding is free and most bids begin at one dollar. To get started, you will have to complete a registration process. You can also bid on jewelry, coins, and a variety of other items.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

If you are ready to get started with penny auction sites, choose the site that you think will work best for you. Make sure to completely read the terms and conditions of each site before bidding, and most of all, have fun!